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"Villains, Vipers, and Dogs," featuring Tinita, the Office Dog! Only in the May 2024 issue of Mystery Magazine. Check it out on Amazon!

The Birthday of Eternity ebook


the wait for the voice of eternity is over!


Comfort & Company Book 2

Unabridged Audiobook

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Narrated by Elizabeth Schmidt (SAG/AFTRA)




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Kit and Henry become entangled in L.A.'s postwar occult trade when they're hired to track down a doctor's estranged wife and her mesmerizing "spirit" lover. While Kit poses as an eager mysticism recruit, Henry digs deep into the connections of the city's lucrative séance circuit. Plunged into the strange and cutthroat world of conniving mediums and predatory gurus, Kit and Henry soon discover that for some unlucky souls, the journey to the Spirit World is strictly one-way.  

After the Blue, Blue Rain


 Comfort & Company Book 1  

Available on Amazon, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. 

Paperback available at and other fine retailers!

Available now on Audible and iTunes, the unabridged audiobook, narrated by Elizabeth Schmidt.

In 1946, as Los Angeles shifts from war to peace, struggling P.I. Kit Comfort and her partner, notorious ex-cop Henry Richman, can’t afford to say no, even when the job involves a lovelorn secretary and her wayward Army vet lover. Their routine missing persons case soon takes a deadly turn, however, when the trail leads to a cabal of fifth columnists and government agents with a secret agenda. As ethical lines blur, the detectives find themselves in a desperate race for survival and redemption.

About Me
A.D. Price


A native of Washington, D. C., A. D. Price is an Emmy-winning screenwriter and author. Her publications (as Amy Dunkleberger) include educational books and feature articles on historical and arts-related subjects. In 2022, she published After the Blue, Blue Rain, her first novel and the first book in her Comfort & Company mystery series. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two dogs.

The Back Story

the back story

After the Blue, Blue Rain is my first mystery and my first novel. If there's truth to the old saw about writing being a journey not a destination, then I've been a happy wanderer for decades. My path to mystery writing has taken more turns than a Dashiell Hammett plot, but like a good Hammett plot, it all makes sense in the end.  ​Over the years, I've worked as both a freelance and staff writer (under my real name, Amy Dunkleberger) penning everything from biographical and historical pieces to publicity material and study guides. I've written for such diverse companies as, Netflix, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and educational publisher Enslow Press.​ I'm also the author of the Emmy-winning screenplay Other Mothers.


It was during my stint as a staff writer for the encyclopedic American Film Institute Catalog of Feature Films that I uncovered the people and places that would become the characters and milieu of my first novel. For ten years, I immersed myself in the crazy, sad and triumphant decades of the 1930s and 1940s. The movies that reflected those times — the joyful screwballs, heartfelt war dramas, alluring noir tales — I fell in love with them all.  And many moons later, I tapped my experience with those decades to create my own stories. I hope you enjoy the Comfort & Company Mystery series. ​

A. D. Price

Inspirations and References


Section titles in After the Blue, Blue Rain  are taken from hit songs of the war and postwar era. Below are links to recordings of these tunes, performed by popular artists of the day.


From the orange groves of Anaheim to the manses of Beverly Hills to the clifftops of the Santa Ynez forest, the intrepid detectives of Comfort & Company pursue the clues wherever they lead. Below are just a few, captured in vintage postcards and old and new photographs. 

In the heart of downtown, L.A.'s Central Library and Cole's restaurant and bar are frequent haunts of Kit and Henry. 

Los Angeles Central Library

Henry's favorite research destination 

Screen Shot 2023-11-16 at 11_edited.jpg


Kit's favorite watering hole

Although the sign's "originator" claim has long been disputed by French dip rival Philippe's, there's no dispute that Cole's is the oldest continuous restaurant in L.A., having operated in the same central downtown location since 1908. Long popular with commuters and downtown workers, Cole's also counted gangsters like Mickey Cohen among its patrons. 

Birmingham hospital.jpeg

Birmingham Hospital, Van Nuys, California

Stanley was a patient, and Luca practiced psychiatry here.

Constructed by U.S. military to treat returning World War II vets, Birmingham specialized in neurological injuries and combat-related psychological disorders. In 1946, the 131-acre hospital was taken over by the Veterans Administration, but was closed permanently in 1950. 

knapps castle.jpeg
Various images_edited.jpg



The Birthday of Eternity, The Reverend's Castle

Built between 1916 and 1920 by George Owen Knapp, a founder and chairman of Union Carbide, Knapp's Castle is located in the California's Los Padres National Forest, near Santa Barbara. Knapp used his money and influence to make the forest more accessible to the public, building trails and improving roads. The road that led up to the castle was winding and a bit treacherous, but offered visitors a breathtaking trip through clouds and mist.


The 160-acre property included a 3-story hunting lodge, an observation tower, various guest and servant houses, a pool and a cider mill to process the apples from a down-slope orchard. It also boasted a pipe organ. The Knapps lived there until 1940, when it was purchased by Frances Holden, a Santa Barbara psychologist. Holden, whose specialty was the study of musical genius, moved in to the property with her longtime companion, Austrian-American opera singer Lotte Lehmann. In a massive stroke of bad luck, the mansion was destroyed by a forest fire five weeks after their arrival.

For many years, the ruins were a popular hiking and wedding photo destination, until the trail to the top was closed to the public in 2020, when new construction began. Today, the mountaintop is home to a large private manse, very nice but nothing like the sprawling, Xanadu-like property built by Knapp.

The Rhythm Room and Brown Derby, Hollywood

Kit probes suspects and witnesses over cocktails in The Birthday of Eternity

Brown Derby restaurant with iconic derby hat


Located mostly in the Midwest and South, America's POW camps housed more than 400,000 German and Italian POWs over the course of the war.  For additional background on these camps, see my video below.



BOOK 2 in the comfort & Company mystery series

the birthday of eternity

How far will you go to find your Soul Mate? How far will they go to find you?

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